What can I write about for Hamlet?

I have an essay for my english class next week, and I have to come up with a thesis for what I'm going to do. The problem is, I can't think of anything! The thesis was officially due on Tuesday and my brain is just not working when I try to think of something.Everyone's essay has to be related to a thematic concept that was assigned earlier, and mine is mortality. I thought, oh good! That means it'll be easy! Except what is there to argue about mortality?My first thought for an essay topic was to argue that how Hamlet's views on life and death Shakespeare thought was the correct way of thinking and was trying to teach the audience, but then I thought - wait, how can I even argue that with support from the play? Because it's really just peoples' personal opinions.So yeah, not necessarily a prompt, but just an IDEA that hopefully my brain can run with, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. reconclusion says:

    Well, Hamlet’s way of thinking about life and death is NOT Shakespeare’s way. Hamlet wants death, Shakespeare certainly cherished life, like most people do. You may consider that mortality is unpopular! That is stating the obvious, but the obvious is often a good departure point for a thesis. Is it right that mortality SHOULD be unpopular? Is it underrated? Even if Hamlet isn’t right, is he wrong about death in every respect?Hamlet wants death but rejects suicide. He fears hell. Consider to what extent a belief in a hereafter influences people’s perception of death. As D. H. Lawrence rightly pointed out, Hamlet’s question is “To be or not to be”, not “To live or not to live”. Does being end with death? What if it does? What if it doesn’t?Your thesis has to be your own, but I hope that these few thoughts may put you on the right track towards workable ideas.