English homework help? Thanks.?

So in my English class, we have been reading about The Once and Future King by T.H. White.In this book, the Wart aka King Arthur, goes through many transformations into animals and he learns how to be a king and how not to be a king. Example: In his transformation as a fish, he learns how not to rule. He visits Mr. P (King of the Moat) and he rules by absolute power, a tyrant.For our creative English essay, we have to choose an animal and write about how the animal teaches Wart how to be a good king and rule or vice versa.I chose the lion, but I'm having trouble thinking of ways it could teach him how to be a good or bad king.Sorry if this was a bit long.

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  1. BRAD says:

    I don’t remember the lion. Why not do the ant? The ant colony was supposed to represent a total dictatorship. “Everything not fobidden is mandatory”. The workers couldn’t think for themselves and therefore couldn’t hadle a crisis.