Social commentary essay topic ideas?

I have to write an essay for lit on any social commentary (in American culture) but I have no idea what I could do. Any ideas for a topic?

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  1. etalume says:

    WHY is it that anytime anybody brings up even the possibility that 9/11/2001 was a FALSE FLAG OPERATIONpeople instantly say “CRACKPOT CRAP” ?Social cometary …… or?

  2. pankin says:

    I don’t know how old you are but if you want to do something that will blow your teacher’s mind, you should watch AT LEAST the last two episodes of the 4 part BBC Series “The Century of the Self”. The first episode is DULL AS ALL HELL but it makes the other 3 episodes make sense… You really need to sit through it or else you won’t understand the basics. It’s about how American Culture has been one great big Psychological Experiment since Freud first developed the concept of Psychoanalysis and Psychology. How first, advertisers used psychology to attract customers but how things went awry and caused our culture to the concept of Conformity for the 40′s and 50′s and how it changed again in the 1960′s counter culture… Leading all the way up to how our modern politicians use focus groups and psychology to test out every single word of every single speech to manipulate key target groups into voting for them.How Bill Clinton was the first person running for president that REALLY took advantage of Focus Groups to test every single word, hand gesture, how he pronounced words, and what color tie to wear. I’m explaining it poorly and again, the first episode is hard to get through but a MMUUSSTT. You’ll blow your teacher’s mind if you watch the 4 parts (Streaming on the 2nd link) and do your report on how we’re all manipulated into our actions and beliefs. ❤ BBC – BBC Four Documentaries – The Century of the Self [external link] …❤ The Century of the Self

  3. shovelsful says:

    Watch Free Documentary Online [external link] …