Why should Romeo and Juliet be taught to freshmen at high schools?

Many people may object to Romeo and Juliet being taught to high school freshmen based on the "sensitive subjects" that it contains. Write a persuasive essay in which you either support the teaching of Romeo and Juliet to hish school freshmen or do not support the teaching of it.so far, i have 1 reason as to TEACH Romeo and Juliet at high schools.it is:1) Shakespeare's work of literature is great.i need two more reasons why it SHOULD be taught at high schools.

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2 Answers to “Why should Romeo and Juliet be taught to freshmen at high schools?”

  1. tragicoromantic says:

    it teaches how love conquers rivalry and that there are more important things than a family name to some people. ps. your reason is pretty lame… no offense.

  2. cumtime says:

    it shouldn’t because it’s a retarted book that was written 500 years ago that nobody cares about!