HELP! Anybody have any good complaint essays students turned into teachers about the class structure?

Anybody have any good essays students turned into teachers that complained about the class or class structure?I have decided that my teacher's class is insanely difficult so instead of trying my hardest to BS a six page essay with no pre-write allowed, I will just write my essay on how her class is not reasonable.My teacher did say "I don't care what topic you write about, but as long as you convince me of your thesis in the end, I will pass you with an A." This teacher is one who knows how to take a joke, and i know she won't find this offensive seeing as how I will be writing it about the class structure set up by the district and not the teacher.

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  1. inheritableness says:

    you could say that curriculum itself is unfair/not reasonable because it is taught by different teachers and these teaches all have a different opinion on something. especially English class because you have to write essays. the teacher grades these essay based on their opinion on a students’ work. they may unconsciously give a student they dislike a lower grade than a student they do like. Also, different teachers grade differently making each class different grade wise and therefore unreasonable.