Could some one help me develop a successful thesis statement (Please Help, I am in Great Need)!?AlrightI am writing an essay on the musical Into the WoodsIt is actually a character analysis on "The Baker"I have attempted at making about 10 thesis statements for it , but all have been denied by my english teachersSo if you could develop one for me....THEN I WOULD WORSHIP YOUThe thesis should be about how the baker goes through Jason Campbell's "Hero's Journey" and something i can base the topic sentences of each paragraph off ofPLEASE HELPTHANK YOU SO MUCH

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  1. nomography says:

    I’m good at thesis statements. Unfortunately, I’ve never read “Into the Woods” so I can’t come up with one for you. But I can give some advice for future papers.A thesis statement clearly states what the essay is gonna be about. That’s all it is. So, if the paper is gonna be on the “Hero’s Journey”, a good objective would be to take out a sheet of paper, and make a diagram (or anything that helps you specifically) on every detail on this topic. Once you have everything down and it’s all in front of you, it’ll be waaay easier to come up with a thesis statement.Again sorry can’t be any further help but I hope you succeed anyway! Good luck.

  2. snraetS says:

    The baker in “Into the Woods”, goes through a tough journey.