How can I start a shakespeare essay off?

No matter what the Shakespeare play, you are on pretty safe ground to say something like......"Shakespeare's understanding and ability to portray the universal nature of the human condition is at its most accessible in..........(insert any Shakespeare you like)." Then start with the grand scheme of (whichever Shakespeare you like). Before getting into the detail. This will show your ability to think big with regard to Shakespeare as well as you ability to relate the plot lines of the specific play to Shakespeare Universe.

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  1. unceremented says:

    Start by stating basic facts here is a website with basic information: [external link]

  2. hyetographical says:

    Well I would start include a couple of paragraphs about Shakespeare himself. I will start you off …..Here is my essay on William Shakespeare ….. He was born in ….. He died in ….. What he has done for books.

  3. alcelaphine says:

    Some good advice here (apart from the biographical approach) but really this question is impossible to answer unless we know the exact title.Your opening should address that title, and brief the reader as to where you’re going in the essay.

  4. chalkography says:

    In Hamlet, Shakespeare sets out to expose….

  5. airalam says:

    I was an English major in college, and this caused me to write several essays on everything from Shakespeare’s comedies and tragedies to his sonnets. The best advice I received from a professor was to start with an interesting opening. By that I mean you want your first 1-3 sentences to grab the readers’ attention and make them have to read on. One paper I wrote simply started with You are a fool. Who wouldn’t want to read on to see why an author just insulted him or her? Another piece of advice I would give you is never start with a quote; that’s just bad writing.

  6. sebastie says:

    To add voice to your essay, I suggest starting off with a famous line from anything done by Shakespeare, or maybe a quote said by Shakespeare that relates to the topic of your essay. This really draws the reader in and keeps them hooked, especially if you refer back to that quote from time to time in that essay. I hope this helps, good luck on your essay!

  7. assembling says:

    Depends on the question. Underline the key words in the question, then take these as your focal point. Take each idea from the key question and treat it like the news. For example at the start of the news programmes we are given a brief summary of what is coming up in the programme. So, in your introduction, outline what you are going to look at.Then we get the main part of the news broadcast. In this, we get the wider picture of the story. This includes opinions of ‘experts’ in the story. This is where you include your expert opinions/views on the issues raised. You also get quotations from those involved in the story. This is where your quotations from the text and your ‘critics’ go.In the last part, the news gives a summary of what has been said. You do the same with your essay.Sometimes, it helps to write your essay and then go back to your introduction and think about what you want to include in your introdcution after you have done this. This stops you from saying that you’re going to look at an area, and then not looking at it.For example, if your question asks what you have found interesting in the way Shakespeare has presented a charcter/theme etc.Start by saying what he’s done that is interesting.Use the main body to take each aspect in turn: characterisation; language techniques; dramatic techniques etc. Back this up with quotations from the text and from experts who have written on Shakespeare recently and in the past.Use the summary to remind your reader/examiner what has been found to address the issue outlined.Hope this helps.

  8. preauthorized says:

    Who’s there? The opening line from Hamlet.Or: “All the world’s a stage and all the menand women merely players.” “As You Like It”

  9. taysaam says:

    “This is the most spacious of plays”, said Granville Barker of “Antony and Cleopatra”. “[name of play you're writing about]” similarly…

  10. Boreiad says:

    I’d start with “Will Shakespeare was Ben Jonson’s *****…” then elaborate. A+ guaranteed.

  11. freebooting says:

    ….start off an essay with’ oh brave new world that hath such people in it ‘ (from the Tempest ,his last play check the words,) and then talk about his characters and plots and how they are timeless and reflect the human condition .(Pick characters ,pick plots maybe 6 of each) Keep it short and dont waffle.Finish with ‘these are such stuff as dreams are made of’End of Tempest check it out .