I need help with English Essay!?

I have to choose any issue/event and write an essay that consists of an in-depth analysis which expresses my own opinion on the techniques used by the media to manipulate the information in order to persuade the audience and illuminate their fears and ignorance.I know I need to use my own opinion but I was just wondering what ideas for topics would be good, like im trying find artilces but im having a pretty difficult time.I was thinking maybe the G20 or Oil Spill but thats what everyones doing so i might go with so i might go with a celebrity that has been manipulated by the media to show him or her as a bad person. (not tiger woods)

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  1. desiodothyroxine says:

    If you are supposed to write about techniques used by different media, don’t get off topic by discussing Barack Obama’s politics, but write about how his politics are portrayed in the media. You might want to listen to commentators such as Rush Limbaugh and watch the news on CNN and Fox News to show how the techniques of such commentators try to shape public opinion of President Obama’s policies.One technique is slanting. This is where you tell the truth, but present only evidence that supports your view. Example: In a horse race between the Kentucky Derby winner and a 12 year old mare, you could report that the mare came in second while the Thoroughbred came in next to last. It’s true but misleading.Another technique is the band wagon appeal. Everybody agrees that .. . And there’s the emperor’s new clothes: Anybody but an idiot can see that . . . Of course there’s stereotyping: All Republicans are . . . Of course the only thing that is true about all Republicans is, they’re all Republicans.If you decide to write about the oil spill or Lindsay Lohan, concentrate on the media’s presentation of the material, not on what you think about the oil spill or Lindsay Lohan.I hope I’ve helped. Good luck

  2. undulations says:

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  4. gravius says:

    hi well search it on google…. That’s the tool that I useCheers!

  5. plumbeous says:

    who cares if everyone is doing the same thing? just do it…if anything your teacher will be so bored reading all the same thing he/she will probably be too lazy to read em all in depth and just give you a good grade. But if you wanna do a celebrity you could try…uuuuhlindsey lohan….she looks horrible in the media lol