In the outsiders book who are the outsiders?

i have to write an essay on who are the outsiders. i would say it was the socs and the greasers. what would you say and why?here r my 3 reasons:- both wanted what the didnt have- neither were that happy- lived in their own worldsr these any good? thx so much!

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3 Answers to “In the outsiders book who are the outsiders?”

  1. irrelevancy says:

    Wow! Good way to really break it down! I think you are 100% correct on that! Although it seems from the surface that the greasers are the outsiders, but I think you should state your point clearly but also state that on the surface one may think that it is solely the greasers. Good luck!

  2. cinoiva says:

    I think I have to agree with you. Though the movie and story are told more from the greaser point of view, you could say the socs are “outsiders” in many ways, such as those you have illustrated. Only difference is the socs were “insiders” with society, and the greasers definitely weren’t. If those jerks killed ponyboy or johnny, do you think they would have had to run away? It probably would have just gone away.

  3. leonelle says:

    The obvious answer would be the greasers, but you’ve obviously scratched beneath the surface of the story and I think you’re probably right, and it’s probably the answer the essay is looking for.