Should i pull an all nighter on a school night…?

okay so, it's 1:30 am here. and i still have 2 essays to write and 1 page of notes and i waited until the last minute again. should i just lay off the sleep and do quality work, or try to hurry and go to sleep asap? also if i'm pulling an all nighter, i need tips on staying awake in class! btw, i usually get 6 hours of sleep anyway. i wake up at 6 am.

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  • can i pull an allnighter tonight i have so much homework

9 Answers to “Should i pull an all nighter on a school night…?”

  1. smush says:

    Yes, definitely keep on truckin all night. Youll feel way better and if you really really cant go on, bring a recorder or camera to class and videotape the lecture so you can hear it over after the nap after class. STARBUCKS with 2 extra expresso shots is my lifesaver if I ever get really tired. Its not really that healthy, but it WORKS. Just use it this time, and next time budget your time more wisely =]LAY OFF THE SLEEP. Lectures can be listened to anytime, but homework is the enormous grade booster.

  2. undercommander says:

    yehs are quite the whippersnapper yeh keep on with the waiting til ther last minert yer aint gettin nowhere swashbuckler.

  3. CARMELLA says:

    yes i do it all the time -good luck

  4. burbidge says:

    * SUre if you think you can stay awake , I say go to sleep as it will be a bit hard to stay awake in class but then again I hav done it before nd just slept in class hehe *

  5. counterlaw says:

    hmm…touch one.. aye ye shuld bt thn ye will b nackered in the morning and prob end up sleepin in the class and all day tomoro… nahh jst leev the essays… or not, i dno .-)

  6. Triadenum says:

    you might have to catch up on sleep tomorrow night, though.but if they’re that important, do.

  7. ladyfishes says:

    How old are you – if under 18 then do it! I miss the good old days when i could pull an all-nighter, and feel relatively all right the next day.

  8. costley says:

    Pull an all nighter, go to school and hand in all your homework and then go home sick. :-D

  9. muckers says:

    Hurry and sleep. *YAWN*Depends on how important your paper is