What does an argument essay strive to achive?

Although an argument is the presentation of facts in an essay in an effort to convince an audience of the validity of your point of view or belief, in an argumentative essay it will be necessary to point out the rhetorical opinions that a writer is wanting to override or prove inadequate or false in order to prove the finer points in a writer's opinion and thusly convince the audience. Jose

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  • What goals does argumentative research writing strive to accomplish
  • what does argumentative writing accomplish
  • what goals does argumentative writing strive to accomplish

3 Answers to “What does an argument essay strive to achive?”

  1. shanbei says:

    An essay strives to achieve one side of the argument. Either pro or con NOT both…..

  2. Metridium says:

    make your point. Make an induvidual believe your side over another.

  3. zandijk says:

    Represent both sides