Essay about torture use in the u.s?

so im supposed to write an essay about why torture SHOULD be used in the u.s " teacher gave us topics , so i had no choice but to write about this-.-" so i need a creative title and intros please! i cant think of anything too good .. my thesis - it should be used in the u.s.a cuz 1. faster to get info, 2. decreases crime rates and 3. the u.s would look bad if found out to be using it secretly , so allowing it , wouldn't make us look as bad if we do it "i know its long" .. any way please give me some creative title and intros ideas >.< thx~

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3 Answers to “Essay about torture use in the u.s?”

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  2. vilification says:

    I’m sorry and I know this may not be helpful…But you have a sick teacher and I do not agree with the fact that you guys are assigned to justify something that is so unethical. i feel teachers should help expand your mind to make the world better, not persuade teenagers to think torture is ethical…

  3. postmuscular says:

    Torture!. . . it is whats for dinner!