Im doing a essay on the greatness of president and here is the quote to that essay:"Presidential greatness is to a large extent, a result of president being in the right place at the right time and place at the right time."Based on the quote aboveLa) identify 3 presidents who support your answer.b) define two criteria that describes what makes a president great and apply the criteria to your answer in (a)For a, i chose Washington, Lincoln and Obama. Are these good examples and if so give reasons why and if not recommend another president.For b i would say; What they have done for the nation and how it was in effect years from then. Anything else that would be very productive please do list them down.This is an AP gov essay btw.

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  1. McCracken says:

    I think you should choose Jefferson (or maybe Washington), Lincoln, and Franklin Roosevelt because of the high drama and danger the country was in during their terms of office (Revolutionary War and guiding a new nation; Civil War and succession; Great Depression and WW II)For b. This is your point: They… ~ had an impact that lasted for a long long time ~ because of the precedents they set and ~ because their actions keep on meaning something ~ and having value to the nationMaybe you can add some of these:> In response to the emergencies, they did things that had never been done before(this is why FDR was greater than Hoover, for example)> They had to stand up to opposition and disagreement — sometime even from their own side> They took more control of the Government than presidents usually do > They did some things that they did not have a clear Constitutional right to do — but they did them anywayI think you should not go to extremes to try to make each president fit into every criterion. Just choose good example presidents for each criterion, and don’t mention the presidents that are not good examples.