Need help writing a conclusion for my essay?

I had to write a DBQ essay about three causes of the French Revolution. I would really appreciate it if you took the time to read it and help me with a conclusion paragraph. Also, any help on grammar or spelling and stuff like that would be great :) A revolution is a forcible overthrow of a government or social order to obtain a new system. The French Revolution of 1789 was inspired by the American Revolution and Enlightenment ideas. The people were disgusted with the poor leadership of this time period, which caused France to undergo a series of violent events. The main causes of this revolution were the social, political, and economical conditions that existed. The estate system caused a serious social issue in France. The first and second estates were the higher-class members of society, and were responsible for paying a very small amount of taxes. The third estate, on the other hand, were forced to pay heavy taxes and had trouble paying for basic necessities such as bread. The first and second estate as well as the taxes "are crushing us" (Doc 1,7). In order for the third estate to overcome the heavy burden, they would have to overthrow the government. "The aim of every political association is the conservation of the imprescriptible rights of man" according to the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen (Doc8). The political system in France was falling apart due to the citizens’ disapproval of the way it was managed. In 1789, the third estate banded together and established the Tennis Court Oath. They vowed to remain on the tennis court until a new Constitution was written, and they held their word. The proposal was promptly written and signed by 577 members of the third estate. Economical conditions were most likely the main cause of the French Revolution. The estate system imposed heavy taxes on the third estate, which included mostly peasants and middle class people known as bourgeoisie. The third estate paid nearly 50% of the taxes in France, while the first estate paid 0.5% and the second estate paid only 1% (Doc2). After being slammed by these taxes for years, the third estate finally demanded that every tax be granted by the Estates General for a limited time (Doc3). After the third estate revolted, some people even started to believe that the third estate was the People of France, and that all others were inferior to it (Doc6). After the French Revolution, the social system was revised and a new belief in freedom of speech and press arose.....................

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  1. algamar says:

    You could write about how the king took money from other countries and didn’t pay them back.. Also about how the french revolution was the same like other revolution it was led by the enlightenment ideas, inequality, money, starvation and leadership and desire was rights.If you want to write more than you could restate the thesis in different words before writing what i just said and the last sentence you could state a question saying “Imagine if the world was like France, what would happen?How would they get their right?

  2. iribarre says:

    restate thesis take topic sentences and rearrange wordingmake a final thought that helps the reader move forward