Stuck for ideas on a Mary Queen of Scots EPQ?

An EPQ is an Extended Project Qualification where you write 5000 words on a question of your choice. I chose Mary Queen of Scots and my question evaluates the choices she, and others around her, made and whether they lead her to her execution.So far I've written about:Her third husband, and the impact the marriage had on the country Escaping to England to seek refuge from the Scottish rebelsNorthern Earl rebellionCasket Letters & James MortonDistractions from catholic Monarchs i.e. Philip II and the Dutch RevoltAnd rejecting marriage proposals that would've put her in Elizabeth's favourSo far, though, I only have 2799 wordsif anyone would like me to forward the essay I would be more then happy, just put your adress below :))Thanks, very much appreicted :))

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5 Answers to “Stuck for ideas on a Mary Queen of Scots EPQ?”

  1. ciliary says:

    Her ancestry from Henry 8th ,her son James 6th ’1st of England

  2. trophoblast says:

    The decision of Elizabeth I to execute her and did she have any alternative.

  3. wystawo says:

    Why not write about her choice of David Riccio as her adviser. What was her role in the murder of her second husband?Why did she write encouragement to Anthony Babington?

  4. mayweeds says:

    she was just so desperate to retrieve her territory after being thrown from scotland, that she went as far as planning to assassinate elizabeth. that’s the reason why she was executed..

  5. discoursers says:

    id talk about the babington plot and her involvement in that but also bring in historiography about the spanish armada – i.e. the armada was already coming and the first attempt by the spanish launch the armada had been thwarted by Francis Drake – the singeing of the king of Spain’s beard and how she has been inaccurately framed as the being responsible for the armada