What would be some pros and cons if teenagers watched what they ate?

So I'm writing a persuasive essay and I need to have 3 pros if teenagers were more health conscious about what they ate, like how it would benefit. I also need some cons as to why it might be a bad idea for teens to be more health concious. Can anyone help here? I'm having writers block... For pros I have:- teens will develop healthy eating habits- they will have less health problems when they are olderFor cons I have:- some teens may develop eating disorders if they become too obsessedAll ideas are appreciated, thank you!

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3 Answers to “What would be some pros and cons if teenagers watched what they ate?”

  1. malacia says:

    Eat what you can while you can, because once you hit a certain age then a minute on the lips, forever on your hips!

  2. oldbids says:

    pros they wouldn;t be a fattie

  3. almochoden says:

    pros:-positively influence mental state-better complexion-have more energy-will attain more vitamins and nutrients to be at optimun healthcons-may indeed cause things such as anorexia in extreme cases.-may see things in too much of a compulsive way-could be the end of enjoying a good burger from mcdonaldshope this helped ;) x