Does anyone need help with English or History?

I have set up a History and an English Literature group an facebook, to allow people to ask for help advice or just to browse for general interest, because I know some people check facebook more than yahoo answers. I have set these groups up, because I am studying English and History at University and am hoping to be a teacher one day, so I like helping others with their work. A few times, I have been sat at home, with an essay to do, and there is something I don't understand, and I thought 'I wish I could just ask someone and get an answer now!' because tutors aren't available for guidance 24/7.So please join because the more people in the group the more chance you have of getting some help- or a decent discussion going!The English Literature group: [external link] …The History Group: [external link] …

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3 Answers to “Does anyone need help with English or History?”

  1. hinaman says:

    haha that sounds pretty good, but if you could help me on yahoo answers i would be very thankful! my question is on english homework: [external link] ;…thks alot, please help me! :) p.s hope ur group goes well on facebook hahaha :)

  2. frankability says:

    This sounds like a splendid idea, would recommend it to those who wish to be involved . Good luck.

  3. palaeoalchemical says:

    It’s nice to see that you’re helping others who are in a similar position to how you were at school. Keep up the good work and I hope that your groups are popular!x