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I need help writing an essay for Great expectations. Im not trying to get you to write my essay, but I need help because I suck at writing. The three questions are 1) What role does social class play in Great Expectations? 2) What lessons does Pip learn from his experience as a wealthy gentleman?3) How is the theme of social class central to the novel?Could you please give me some ideas to get me started?

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  1. elaeomargaric says:

    Pip has been raised by his married Sister – Mrs. Joe – as the adopted son of her husband Joe Gargery – a blacksmith. Pip is not quite treated badly, but he is constantly made fun of, and humiliated, by the adults he meets – and even by Estrella (Miss Havisham’s adopted daughter). Pip has no money, and no prospect of any:- so everybody sees him as a figure of fun, and fit only for ridicule.When there is a prospect of Pip becoming wealthy (his ‘great expectations’) everyone begins to view him with respect, and even awe. Estrella – who once tried to assert herself by dominating Pip – is now servile around him. Dickens is making the point that people do not respond to a person for who they are, but only for what money they have (or might soon have).There are many online study guides for this novel (see link below for a good one). But if your teacher wants you to ‘dig deeper’ all you really need do is think why Dickens might have written this particular novel at this particular time.During the nineteenth century (when this novel was written) England was the richest country on earth, and had a booming economy (England had been the first nation to experience the industrial revolution. Fortunes were being made quickly, and there was considerable social change as the old nobility (people who owned land) found themselves less wealthy than the newly rich (who had made their fortunes from trade or industry).

  2. islets says:

    Social Class plays a large role in Great Expectations. Throughout the book the characters realize that what they want can only be attained by achieving a certain social status. This however, in Pip’s case leads him to learn the lessons that social class cannot buy everything, some will never accept him because of his history, and that all fortunes can be lost. Because it involves cast members from every realm of society and how they interact with each other based off of their social classes this would appear to be a central theme to Great Expectations.

  3. bradmaker says:

    Tell us what answers you have written for each question so far, then we might be able to help you.Otherwise it just looks like you want us to answer those questions for you.