What is your stance on assisted suicide?

I am writing a con pro pro essay on assisted suicide and i want to know what people think about the topic. I need things that are bad and good about it. Thank you!

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3 Answers to “What is your stance on assisted suicide?”

  1. supercilium says:

    well, i think their is nothing worng with it if it is helping someone die because they are suffering with a terminal illness like ALS, or a severly debilitating mental disease like schizophrenia, then yes they should die if they want to.

  2. myelocystic says:

    My moral beliefs and political beliefs consist of the following: Everything that effects you and only you should be legal. Meaning that if you want to smoke crack, pick up a hooker, worship worms, whatever should be legal. I believe this because it is the roots of liberty and freedom. I do NOT support suicide however, because if doesn’t hurt just you. Families are crushed when someone commits a suicide.

  3. auklet says:

    suicide leads to hell. antichrist is a jew with red eyes, white powder on face, and gloves. don’t worship this jew-mason. aliens=ghosts=demons. don’t go into ufo ships. mark of the beast is the evil electronic 666 tattoo. don’t take the “electronic 666 tattoo-small gray world passport-rfid chip”.