Scholarship Essays. What to write?

So there is this organization at my high school called the FFA. And the FFA chapter at my school is giving out 12 scholarships for this trip to the National FFA Convention in Indianapolis (if you get the scholarship then you get to go for free, instead of paying the whole price, which is pretty expensive). But heres my problem.... if you want to apply for the scholarship then you have to write a paragraph for the following questions :1. How will you represent the Philadelphia FFA at the National Convention?2. How will you apply your knowledge gained at the Convention her in Philadelphia?3. Why should we select you to attend the National Convention?I never have ANY idea what to write for these paragraphs but I really wanna get the scholarship. Any idea what to write? Thanks!

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  1. podiatrist says:

    It’s almost like writing a college essay, just BE YOURSELF. Tell your audience the truth why you want to do this. Explain why they should choose you and include some back up like “because I am a high achiever in academics and as well as some community service.” Let them know what you like and what your strengths are. Give them a good background. I hope I help! :) Good luck!

  2. zateslo says:

    Just write about why you want the scholarship.

  3. hirotosh says:

    Maybe you could talk to one of your english tutors? They could help give you some inspiration on what to write and also help structure the essay and proof read it for you, to check for any mistakes or sentences that don’t make sense. Also try to relate to some personal experiences that makes you think that you’re better to represent them. If neither of your parents have gone to university, you could write how their hard work to give you a good life/education and that you want to make something of yourself and to go to university.

  4. turbits says:

    well: according to ” Financial Aid it is very importantwith Answers Education & Referenceare1 Acheivement towards Higher Education (University +) hasa scholarship program2 Knowledge towards Higher standards plus taking notesduring Class Lectures and Study more every day3 be proud American write about US Citizenship