What does Wilfred Owen refer to from- of disappointed shells?

OK, so its really late now and my mums getting really peeved so i need to be qucik....i have to do an essay question and explain what does Wilfred Owen refer to from saying of dissapointed shells in his poem. Could you also expalin to me why its a good metaphoretcThanks =D

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  1. recoal says:

    You don’t actually say, but I assume you are referring to the poem “Dulce et Decorum Est”Disappointed can mean either that the shells have literally missed their target, they were dis-appointed, ie hadn’t landed at the right, expected place, or it can be the poet ascribing human characteristics to a shell, saying that the explosive was disappointed not to have achieved its purpose. Attributing human characteristics to inanimate objects or concepts is called personalisation, and Owen uses it in a similar way in another poem when he talks about bullets that “long to nestle in the hearts of lads”It is a clever use of poetic diction because of the double meaning.Incidentally, if you want to earn some extra brownie points with your teacher you could also say that Owen wrote two or three versions of the poem and in only one of them does he use this metaphor, in other versions he calls them “tired, outstripped five-nines” (A five nine was a particular type of German shell, 5.9mm)