Where can I find good essays?

I need to do an essay about the holocaust, and it's due in tomorrow. I really don't have the time to do it today. The essay needs to include: Info about Germany in the 1930s, and what led up to the Holocaust. Info about the Ghettos and Concentration Camps and how the Jews were treated when they were in there. What was the Jewish response to what happened in the Holocaust and why we should never forget what happened.It needs to be of good quality, but not TOO good, y'know? Also I need it to be free. It MUST be free. Preferably between 6 and 10 pages.Do you know any websites where I can find an essay like that?Thanks!(also please none of those "you should do this yourself" type answers. Please.)

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  1. sannops says:

    Well…. you should do it yourself.To pass off as your own work an essay someone else wrote is called plagiarism and is unethical and can get you expelled from many schools. Teachers are well aware of Google and many of the sites students can download essays from. Many check their student’s essays for plagiarism.