Birth Control Question…?

Hello Ladies,I am writing an argumentative essay on hormone-containing birth control (Pill, patch, shot, ring insert). I am interested in knowing how many women have had a negative experience with these forms of birth control.How long did it take you to become pregnant after discontinuing your birth control, and how long were you on? If you can help me by sharing your stories...I'd be grateful. Thank you...

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  1. embryotic says:

    I have been off the pill for 4 years and have been ttc for 2 years and 4 months there is a possibility that i am Finally pregnant

  2. KAZUKO says:

    I was on the pill for 2 yrs. I have been trying to get pregnant for 25 months now with no luck. My cycles are very irregular now and some months I dont ovulate at all.When I was on the pill I was extremely moody and had thoughts of harming my husband when he really upset me! My best friend had the same feelings of wanting to harm her bf as well. It is caused by the hormones in the pills!

  3. systers says:

    I was on the shot when i was 15…made me have a non stop period for 3months..then i dicontinued it and had a non stop period for additonal 4months, I wasnt able to take the patch, and was never comfotable with the ring or inserts, i have been on 9 or so different birth control pills, im now in my 20s and cant get pregnant, although i did not end up pregnant birth control,( i believe) caused me more problems with my body then actually help me, I am sad to say but i wish i neve rwas on bithcontrol…TTC for two years with no luck