Improve my essay of school uniform plz?

Should students wear uniform that is the question. Well everyday thousands of people wear uniforms, for their job, representation, and it should also be included in schools. The uniforms the students wear would represent the school image and prestige along with school pride that students can wear proudly to class. In addition there aren’t any gaps between the unfortunate and the rich. Finally the most noticeably benefit by wearing school uniform is the protection of the students. In fact, General John Smith said "an army only looks as tough as its men in uniform," he meant that when students wear uniforms it represents the school. By wearing the school uniform, students can be proud of their school and crave for going to school. Furthermore it makes classes appear more formal and gorgeous. Schools with their students wearing uniform shows higher standards of discipline and demonstrate a safe environment where students will follow the rules. This will also contribute to a better reputation. Along with representing the school there won’t be any gap seen between the unfortunate and the rich. When kids from unfortunate families look at wealthy kids they feel uncomfortable and degrading from their fashion looks which results to an uncomfortable learning environment. In contrast, when all the students wear the same uniform to school, there’ll be no dislike between the social classes. Since there no longer any conflict between the classes’ students can form friendship and focus of their studies more. This will make a friendly learning environment for the students. Last of all, uniform can be used to protect or find the students. When all the students are wearing uniform it makes it easy to tell who belongs to the school and who not, which prevent problems. Since every school has their own uniform it makes it easy to identify which student belongs to which school. For example, if a student is loss of a fieldtrip you can give a description of the students’ clothing. As a result, wearing uniform will prevent problems with outsiders of the school and locate a child faster. In conclusion, students should wear uniform, for the reason that its represents the school, even out social classes, and protect the students. A uniform doesn’t restrict personal freedom because students can wear different accessories such as earring, shoes, and hairstyle. By wearing different accessories students can express themselves. Uniforms are also cheaper than buying a new outfit for every schooldays. Thus, uniforms have many benefits to them and you can have those benefits for the schools if students just wear uniform.

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  1. boatful says:

    It’s really good but you could add in something like, ‘on the other hand, school uniform can be cost a lot of money… etc’ on the end before you come to your conclusion. Hope I helped