What r some good reasons to be thankful for veterans?

I really need this imformation and fast for an essay for school plz give me some good answers best answer goes to the person that gives me the most good reasons answers are greatly appreciated

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3 Answers to “What r some good reasons to be thankful for veterans?”

  1. sprayful says:

    Well, they risk losing their own lives so you can live yours, and be free and safe from enemies of the united states. What they face is also traumatizing even if they live through it.

  2. palpocil says:

    We must be thankful for veterans because they have offered themselves to serve and protect their country. No matter what they did, they did something to serve the purpose mentioned, and therefore deserve recognition. To offer someone’s life, safety and bravery like that always should be rewarded with at least a recognition.

  3. swiftfoot says:

    We are aliveWe can say whatever we want and not get shot by the governmentWe are not under control of EnglandWe are not under the control of NatzisEvery freedom that we have