Can anyone give me ideas for ethical ethical argument essay about abortion?

Can anyone give me an ethical issue argument essay and a moral theory to defend or clear solution for ethical issue compare to another one that would not work and explain why? are one that are below I choose utilitarianism for argument and counter argument for categorical imperative. I don't know is right.Utilitarianismegoismcategorical imoerativevirtue ethics alturism

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3 Answers to “Can anyone give me ideas for ethical ethical argument essay about abortion?”

  1. requisiteness says:

    better choose virtue ethics as opposition of utilitarianism. categorical imperative very often comes to the same consclusions as utilitarianism. but of course that depends on what you’re writing could choose a topic as whether kids who have been found to have a defect (via ultrasonography) should be aborted, whether aborting very sick kids should become a policy of some country etc.

  2. espousers says:

    Personally I’d use Kant’s ethical theory (categorical imperative).You can’t universilise abortions because then no baby would be born; you can say ‘Everybody should have abortions.’Having an abortion would also be means to an ends.Does the foetus count as a person?I’d use more than one other theory to counter argument, just bring in whatever you can make the strongest point with against it. But yes, I’d use Utilitarianism against Kant as they think abortion is an evil act, generally taking the pro-life choice.Virtue ethics would be hard but, would a courageous person would kill a foetus? If it isn’t considered a person, yes, they would. If not, then there could have been something to prevent it.Gosh, I hate abortion essays. Good luck!

  3. irishwoman says:

    Georgia just killed a Bill that would have severely limited abortions and shortened the window during which they were allowed. It was a miserable Bill that would have forced, through the meaning of its words, a Doctor to perform a C-Section when a woman was having a natural abortion, such as when her water broke early. And so,”The Senate substantively changed the bill on Monday, including an exception for “medically futile” pregnancies.” [external link] …I would not know how to use any of those ethical positions to argue for or against abortion. The reasons that are always given by the ‘right to life’ people is that it is a life–as if the sperm and egg themselves were not alive; as if the zygote or the 1 month-old or the 4 month-old fetus even was capable of knowing it was alive, let alone caring.Western law is based on ‘natural rights’. Natural rights ‘kick in’ only at the point at which it has been decided (somehow, by some people in power) that the fetus has reached the point at which it must be given the chance to exist. This is similar to the situation of having to decide when a comatose patient in a vegetative state no longer has the capacity to chose for him/herself. But when the right-to-life people say ‘it’s a life’ they are not saying anything we don’t know. What they are not saying is why a zygote or a young fetus is to be given full rights. In the case of the religious right it is because they believe God has infused the conception with its soul–but they cannot say this and are not allowed to say this, because of the separation of church and state. So this argument will simply go on and on until someone figures out how to solve it leaving the religious-but-hidden agenda at the door. A ‘rational egoist’ who firmly believed in individual rights as “derived from his [man's] nature as a rational being”, also believed that a fetus is not a ‘rational being’ because it’s mind is incapable of it–just as a person in a vegetative state has no capability.But the fetus would have that capacity if it came to the term of the pregnancy where it was biologically feasible for the fetus to act like a rational being, using its mind to begin to comprehend the world. No religion is necessary in this view, to say that at some point you cannot abort the fetus BECAUSE it is capable of acting rationally. That rational egoist also said this: “Never mind the vicious nonsense of claiming that an embryo has a ‘right to life.’ A piece of protoplasm has no rights—and no life in the human sense of the term. One may argue about the later stages of a pregnancy, but the essential issue concerns only the first three months. To equate a potential with an actual, is vicious; to advocate the sacrifice of the latter to the former, is unspeakable. . . . ” [external link] …[Note: rational egoism is not the same as virtue egoism. "Rational egoism claims that the promotion of one’s own interests is always in accordance with reason," AND that what is in one's own 'interests' must be rational BECAUSE it is in accord with human nature, which is defined by Aristotle, by Thomas Aquinas, by the above author, and by others as 'man qua man.' [external link] ‘Man qua man’ means according to the “values and goals by the standard of that which is proper to man—in order to achieve, maintain, fulfill and enjoy that ultimate value, that end in itself, which is his own life.” [external link] …And so the matter of a a woman’s right, where “the essential issue concerns only the first three months” (in the legal and medical opinions of the day when this was written, (somehow, by some people in power)) cannot rest on religion so far as the law is concerned, and must rest on the rational objectives of the pregnant woman.