Can i get into university of michigan?

im really nervous about applying for schools. i want to go to u of m but my parents keep making it seem like they dont think i will get in even though i have really good scores because they know how competitive it a wealthy, white, suburban girl from michigan. my school is highly competitive and there will be a lot of good applicants applying to michigan from my class.ACT: 33 (english- 35, math- 33, reading- 31, science- 34, writing- 10)GPA: well it doesn't officially come out until the end of the year so im not positive but i'd say 3.87-3.9 unweighted, and weighted maybe a 4.2? EXTRA-CURRICULARS: water polo (4 years), marching and regular band (4 years), musical (3 years), youth group (3 years), community service club (4 years), national honors society, co-chair on the prom committee (3 years), work as a lifeguard in the summer (2 years), and i will be attending a business program this summer for a week at slightly worried about my letters of recommendation. michigan is highly selective so they look at the letters and essays a lot. im not very close with any of my teachers or my counselor just because im not the kind of person who finds it normal to talk to my teachers like friends. i do well in class, sometimes get in trouble for talking to my friends or using my phone, but in harder subjects i usually try to come in once in a while for extra help. i still am nervous about this.So yeah my mom is really unsure about me getting in and she knows a lot about colleges. i want some other opinions please because im really nervous. what do you guys honestly think?

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  1. tenement says:

    You should be fine. Your ACT scores alone almost get you in. The consistency in your extracurriculars helps, too. When I was applying to schools, Michigan didn’t do weighted GPA, but yours is still very high. Make sure your essays are awesome and find a teacher or coach you’re close with to do the recommendation–have you talked to your water polo coach or band director? Things have become more competitive in the 6 years since I started college, but you’re more qualified than I was for U of M and I still got in.As a general note, though, make sure you’re going to a school that’s good for what you want to study, not just because it’s prestigious. Even though I got in to Michigan, I went elsewhere and it was better for me in the long run.

  2. bufdesc says:

    Its not looking too promising unfortunately :/