Essay help for Dulce et Decorum Est?

i am practicing intermediate 2 (scottish system) essay questions for Dulce et Decorum est. I am pretty confident answering questions dealing with strong emotion, sympathy, pity, etc. as well as with questions dealing with vivid scenes or events and how the poet effectively portrays them. However, I came about one of last year's poetry questions, and I am struggling:Choose a poem which reflects on an aspect of human behaviour in such a way as to deepen your understanding of human nature.Describe the aspect of human behaviour which you have identified and show how the poet's use of techniques brought you to a deeper understanding of human nature.I am just wondering how you would go about answering this. For the aspect of human behaviour, would you use the glorification of war, and then go on to show how the glorification of war is merely a disillusionment? I would just like a little insight, and if possible, could you make a quick plan of how to answer this question?(For intermediate 2 you need, introparagraph1paragraph2paragraph3and so onconclusionso at least three central paragraphs, and what would you say in each one of these?

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  1. choruser says:

    Ahhhh i hate questions like that >_

  2. marrowish says:

    I would personally pick the behavior and describe it paragraph1 and then write two paragraphs on the techniques he used.And I might either use the glorification or maybe human reaction to battlefield conditions, like when he describes the gas and the soldier who fails to put his mask on. I don’t know how different the “Scottish system” is from the AP system I was taught, but it doesn’t seem that different from what you have described.