Hook sentence for Nelson Mandela essay?

Every one I showed my teacher so far, he told me was either "too broad" or "didn't have enough depth". My essay is on Nelson Mandela and how he made a positive impact on South Africa.Here's an example he put on his website about what he's looking for:"Queen Elizabeth's childhood was a childhood full of disappointments, but she tried to make the most of it."

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2 Answers to “Hook sentence for Nelson Mandela essay?”

  1. ultrahazardous says:

    This is a tircky one. Instead of making up a sentence for you I think it’s better to think about it logically. I think you need to tie your topic sentence into your paper so start writing main ideas down for each seciton or each paragrah and then expand on each paragrah keeping things in choronlogical order as much as possible – and your topic sentence should lead up to and summarize the main ponts of the paper. Donald Trump said; ” the key to success is never giving up” and maybe that could be part of your topic sentence since even after being locked up for 27 years, he never gave up, he went on to become the first balck president of the South Africa and did away with Aparthied. He also empbodies a lot of the characteristics of President Lincoln, MLK and Pres. O bama. Maybe you can do a comparison of him to other leaders? There’s a lot out there but your topic sentence depends a lot on what your paper is saying. Sometimes a question can be different hten a statement. Ask the question and let the paper tell the answer. I guess what I’m saying is maybe the paper should come first – it might be easier to write the bulk of your outline and your paper first, putting all your thoughts and facts together, say what you want to say and then figure out what the main sentence should be. Sometimes it’s easier to write the whole book then it is to write one sentence but once you have the book, the sentece should follow naturally.

  2. trantor says:

    “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”- Nelson mandela