Im doing a project/essay/paper and i need sources that talk of the ghetto?

and give statistics on how growing up in the ghetto inegatively impacts ppls lives, i need 5 sources on different things of course,thanks

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6 Answers to “Im doing a project/essay/paper and i need sources that talk of the ghetto?”

  1. Volstead says:

    Well theres heaps actually.Searching up socio-economic factors, social class, and society will help you since these are probably the most important ones. ThanksTinkerbell

  2. rhamn says:

    I am not about to do your homework kid.Can you do mine? You write my paper on how parent involvement affects childhood education and we’ve got a deal

  3. reincarnations says:

    haha my school is full of kids who swear they are from the “ghetto”.bet not one of them can help you with this question.. lol.sorry wish i could helpp more.!

  4. alton says:

    This is about France and the Muslim ghetto: [external link] …This is about Asian Muslim ghettos in the UK and how it hurts integration and increases terrorism: [external link] …This one says French ghettos “shackle” Muslims and causes separatism: [external link] those help.

  5. kokumingun says:

    what ghetto are you talking about?

  6. caudillos says:

    umm… tell him to do your homework ! ————————————–>you noe wat i mean