What are the pros and cons of being a slave?

i am doing a essay of this subject but i can not seem to come up with three point. i have pros and cons but i need one more do you possibly know one? if so thanks i appreciate it.

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13 Answers to “What are the pros and cons of being a slave?”

  1. adwance says:

    I’m not entirely sure there are any pros of being a slave. unless this is a racial question. cons: no freedom, being tortured, rationed food and water, and death are all cons of slavery.

  2. osteochondropathy says:

    me as chuck norris kicking butt to slaves and helping slaves at same time.

  3. silico says:

    Enslavement amounts to rescue from death in some cases…

  4. raney says:

    no more slave in this world.

  5. Pentadactyla says:

    depends on what sort of slave u r

  6. terrour says:

    pros:-nice uniforms-fun work environment-food at least once a daycons:-can get boring-no cable tv-you probably smell kinda bad after a hard day’s work

  7. VILMA says:

    HMMMM….Well, i can’t think of many pros, but I would say, that maybe, if you look at it from a twisted point of view, that as a slave, you get some security. I mean, you work and stuff, and you are needed, to some extent. So, I guess you can call being a slave, an inferior, but in the end, acceptable situation.However, as a slave, you are transformed into something less than trash, you have no more power, your voice, dignity and ideals are taken away. You are at your master’s mercy, you are a doormat, and you suffer at his will. Slavery sucks, if I were a slave, I would do everything I can to slit the master’s throat.

  8. exothermal says:

    I can’t imagine too many good things about being a slave. If anything, it would be that your life is directed and you don’t have to make decisions.

  9. flavaniline says:

    In ancient times, a few slaves were given their freedom and an inheritance when the “owner” died.Rarely, they were even adopted as sons when the “owner” had no use for his own sons.Some slaves were actually well educated and were used as teachers. They were respected members of the community.

  10. steadier says:

    you don’t need to look around for a joband you get free food (with a little work)hell, doesn’t sound bad to me

  11. disprobabilization says:

    There are no pros of being a slave.

  12. undoubtableness says:

    pros – not having to worry about food and shelter. cons – physical abuse and no freedom

  13. inolved says:

    Your life is planned for you. For some people that is good.