Am I being too hard on my students? Or are they just lazy?

I am currently a first year high school English teacher. About two weeks ago I gave my students a free period to make a rough draft of an essay we were writing about their opinions on uniforms. It was assigned September 25. I made it a homework assignment. I checked it in the next day. During that class I worked with each student indvidually on how they could make their paper better. I told them it was due Oct. 3. I had it on the board. So no late papers were accepted(excluding a valid excused absence.) A handful of students decided they didn't want to do it . So I decided to call their homes and inform their parents and ask them was there something going on at home that the student could not complete their assignment. The next day the students were complaining to me about how I messed up their weekend. I couldn't believe this. Now, was I being too hard on my students or were they just being lazy? I think I was being perfectly acceptable.

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8 Answers to “Am I being too hard on my students? Or are they just lazy?”

  1. suutala says:

    Look at this way, from now on they’ll understand that you’re the boss.

  2. enviousness says:

    well, I think that u should have talked to your students first. Calling their parents, just made u shrink in their eyes, thus naming u “the teacher that cannot control her students”. A teacher should know how to win her students on her side, how to convince them of various things. If u are distant to them, they will hate u. Try to talk to them, with each one of them. get to know them, their needs and aspirations.

  3. assisting says:

    As a teacher you have done well. You did not seem to be too hard on your students. The fact is that they have not thought that you will go to the end and even that of calling up their parents. From an educator’s perspective, it is good to know that you walked that extra mile to reach out to your students. Don’t stop just with their complaints, Take this opportunity to begin a dialogue with them. They will open up and you will certainly be able to lead them to greater commitment.

  4. aile says:

    I think you did the right thing. The problem is more likely because the PARENTS are not demanding enough to get the kids to do their best. I find that now that I am putting more demands on my 7 year old, he pushes harder to do better. He passed a spelling test after failing ALL the tests so far this year. I simply have him redo his homework if he screws up, from the start. Now he knows he has to do his best or do it all over. Its made a huge difference.And he doesn’t hate me for it. lol

  5. tetrameral says:

    No, of course you aren’t being to hard on them. I think you did exactly the right thing! Just remember this: always use the judgment you had BEFORE they start whining or complaining about something like this. Remember your reasoning then, and why you made the decision, and stick to it. They are always going to whine and complain about things you do; they’re kids. Their whining doesn’t mean you did something wrong. You didn’ t mess up their weekend, they did!

  6. messmen says:

    No…you did the right thing…by involving the parents you ensured that they’ll actually get the work done…so good job

  7. salinity says:

    ABSLUTELY NOT! You definitely did the right thing. Students need to learn about deadlines. When they get to college, they will not get a “grace period”, or anything like that. Too often, students have their hands held throughout high school, and then they are not ready for college.Secondly, I applaud you for contacting their parents. So many teachers are scared to talk to parents. You need them on your side. Don’t worry about the fact that the kids are mad at you for ruining their weekend. You will have to do things the kids don’t like sometimes.Now, the true test is how they do the next time something like this comes up. If they get their stuff in on time, then they need to be verbally commended, and congratulated on their improving. This will help let them know that you are not out to get them, but to help.Good luck, and keep up the good work.

  8. iiiisss says:

    you do the right things. If they still complained about how you mess up their weekend then you just ask them to go for a course that teach them how to manage their time effectively or you can share you experience as being a student last time.