Computer genuis needed!?

I'm going off to college and I am in the laptop market. I need to know, in plain language( im not that computer savvy) what the difference is betweenIntel i3 and i5. I found a laptop, perfect in my price range, but is i3 instead of the ideal i5. Whats the big deal? Can I still write essays, make powerpoints, surf the web and download music?Help a lady out!

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5 Answers to “Computer genuis needed!?”

  1. sissahc says:

    i5 is just a newer generation for processor.

  2. oystered says:

    As you may know, Intel’s processors are categorised into 3 tiers: i3, i5 and i7.What sets them apart is the features that they have. Simply speaking, i3 has minimal features, i5 is mid-range, and i7 has the most.This is only part of your laptop though – the processor. The processor determines how much work your computer can do in a second. The more powerful it is, the more you can do without having to wait for things to load.Typically for web surfing, word processing and other ‘collegy’ stuff, an i3 processor is sufficient. If you expect to get bored during your time and want to play anything other than online/Facebook games, you may want an i5.(It is also possible to upgrade your processor later from any good computer specialist)

  3. nicknacks says:

    Hi Amber, there really isn’t much difference in I5 or I3 the I5 is just a little more powerful and price wise, you’ll be fine with the I3 if you won’t be using a lot of demanding software, but from the needs you listed the I3 sounds great.Good luck.

  4. derrieres says:

    Yes, an i3 should be fine. You would only need an i5 if you will be playing games or doing intensive applications. Even light gaming could use an i3. For you an i3 will be just fine.

  5. inkblots says:

    An i3 will be fine your needs your not planning on gaming are you if so then that is where an i5 or i7 would come into it especially the K series