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I have to write a three Paragraph essay about The Diary of Anne Frank. So far this is what i have:The Diary of Anne Frank is based on a diary written by a young Jewish girl named Anne Frank. In this diary, she writes about what it’s like living in an annex in Amsterdam for over 2 years. After the Nazi’s took over, the Frank’s have to go into hiding to escape from going into concentration camps. They hid behind a bookcase that led to a secret room. In the secret hide-out they were joined with the Van Daan family and Mr. Dussel. They would have to endure many obstacles from not having enough food to staying very quiet while undercover. Luckily, they had Miep and Ellie to help them get food, news, and some gifts. *what else can i write for the middle paragraph?Help please

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    In her writing, Anne Frank examined her relationships with the members of her family, and the strong differences in each of their personalities. She considered herself to be closest emotionally to her father, who later commented, “I got on better with Anne than with Margot, who was more attached to her mother. The reason for that may have been that Margot rarely showed her feelings and didn’t need as much support because she didn’t suffer from mood swings as much as Anne did”.[23] Anne and Margot formed a closer relationship than had existed before they went into hiding, although Anne sometimes expressed jealousy towards Margot, particularly when members of the household criticized Anne for lacking Margot’s gentle and placid nature. As Anne began to mature, the sisters were able to confide in each other. In her entry of January 12, 1944, Anne wrote, “Margot’s much nicer…. She’s not nearly so catty these days and is becoming a real friend. She no longer thinks of me as a little baby who doesn’t count”.[24]Anne frequently wrote of her difficult relationship with her mother, and of her ambivalence towards her. On November 7, 1942 she described her “contempt” for her mother and her inability to “confront her with her carelessness, her sarcasm and her hard-heartedness”, before concluding, “She’s not a mother to me”.[25] Later, as she revised her diary, Anne felt ashamed of her harsh attitude, writing “Anne is it really you who mentioned hate, oh Anne, how could you?”[26] She came to understand that their differences resulted from misunderstandings that were as much her fault as her mother’s, and saw that she had added unnecessarily to her mother’s suffering. With this realization, Anne began to treat her mother with a degree of tolerance and respect.[Anne's diary began as a private expression of her thoughts and she wrote several times that she would never allow anyone to read it. She candidly described her life, her family and companions, and their situation, while beginning to recognize her ambition to write fiction for publication. In March 1944, she heard a radio broadcast by Gerrit Bolkestein—a member of the Dutch government in exile—who said that when the war ended, he would create a public record of the Dutch people's oppression under German occupation.[44] He mentioned the publication of letters and diaries, and Anne decided to submit her work when the time came. She began editing her writing, removing sections and rewriting others, with the view to publication. Her original notebook was supplemented by additional notebooks and loose-leaf sheets of paper. She created pseudonyms for the members of the household and the helpers. The van Pels family became Hermann, Petronella, and Peter van Daan, and Fritz Pfeffer became Albert Düssell. In this edited version, she also addressed each entry to “Kitty,” a fictional character in Cissy van Marxveldt’s Joop ter Heul novels that Anne enjoyed reading. Otto Frank used her original diary, known as “version A”, and her edited version, known as “version B”, to produce the first version for publication. He removed certain passages, most notably those in which Anne is critical of her parents (especially her mother), and sections that discussed Anne’s growing sexuality. Although he restored the true identities of his own family, he retained all of the other pseudonyms.The diary has been praised for its literary merits. Commenting on Anne Frank’s writing style, the dramatist Meyer Levin commended Frank for “sustaining the tension of a well-constructed novel”,[51] and was so impressed by the quality of her work that he collaborated with Otto Frank on a dramatisation of the diary shortly after its publication.[52] The poet John Berryman wrote that it was a unique depiction, not merely of adolescence but of the “conversion of a child into a person as it is happening in a precise, confident, economical style stunning in its honesty”.[53]

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    Tell about how the other people came to the attic.

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    just focus on what the essay is about,if you don’t have anymore ideas,simply make it a bit longer,by explaining what happened and giving a bit of your opinion about it..i was a member of our school magazine,and i was the writer,i just make my essays long by just writing in circles..i explain that and then go back to a part of the essay then explain it..just like that,then the readers,after reading it,got very satisfied of my work..

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    Are you writing an analysis essay or a book report? If you are writing a book report, just keep on summarizing, but if you are writing an analysis paper you need a theme and a thesis at the beginning on which to elaborate.