Good Attention Getters for To Kill A Mockigbird Essay?

I have to write an essay about to kill a mockingbird and need a good hook or attention getter at the beginning of my essay need help!

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  • good attention getters to go with To Kill a Mockingbird

4 Answers to “Good Attention Getters for To Kill A Mockigbird Essay?”

  1. Zontian says:

    “To Kill a Mockingbird was written by Atticus Finch. A finch is a kind of bird. So is a mockingbird. Like, wow.”You shouldn’t have to hand in any more than that. That’s a textbook mind-destroyer right there.

  2. urunday says:

    What character are you doing? Report Abuse

  3. outspoken says:

    what is your essay about? if you have a specific theme it would help.

  4. presatisfactory says:

    you can start off with how you feel about the book or talk about and describe the characters. maybe even the history of when the book was written to make the people think a certain way in the book. (example : racist against women and blacks were popular at that time bc of that Toms Trial was very biased bc he was black)