I need help broadening my knowledge of contemporary authors?

It's required of me to come up with a poem, essay or article, and some other work from a contemporary women writer. i need two poems from a Mexican, central, or South American writer. I need two works from Asian writers. All contemporary (currently living) and only two works from a specific book or person. I would really appreciate any help even just the name of a good author.

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  1. dashplate says:

    Try some poems by Julia de Burgos”23rd of September” by Julia de Burgos alive in the great parade of all patriotswho died of anger and of anger awaken… “Responsory of Eight Departures” by Julia de Burgos It seems that their life is leaping,sprinkling futures of living glorythrough every rebellious breast.” “Glory to You” by Julia de Burgos And I ask you in the febrile hour of victoryto blow the sonorous trumpets of glory,clamering at full volume: ‘Liberty’, ‘Liberty.’ “To Simon Bolívar” by Julia de Burgos America lives in the pulse of your immortal army. The road indicated by your swordis reddened with the blood of the martyrs and heroes… “Hymn of Blood to Trujillo” by Julia de Burgos Peasant blood, discolored blood, good blood violated,may it awaken and pursue you…Shadow for your name, General.Shadow for your crime, General.Shadow for your shadow.

  2. frowner says:

    Google Amy Tan.