Need help with essay on “every cloud has a silver lining”?

So I have to write this essay on the idiom "every cloud has a silver lining" and I'm stuck. As in I don't know how to write it.. 1st paragraph- What does the idiom means. 2nd paragraph - Example 3rd paragraph - i dont know what to write, i dont wanna give another example cuz that would just be boring to read. 4th paragraph - same as 3rd paragraph, dont know what to write about. 5th paragraph - conclusion.

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  1. churlishly says:

    Well, I can tell you what the idiom means, but, as for the rest, you’ll just have to work it out!This expression is used by optimists, rather than pessimists, and it means “when something bad, unpleasant, or simply not nice happens to you, don’t be downhearted by it. Some good may come out of this event, even if it’s only that you have found out that maybe you shouldn’t do (whatever it was) like that again. Always look on the bright side of things.”The expression has a basis in fact. When dark clouds are floating overhead, they usually bring rain or snow, and that’s regarded as a negative event by many people. Yet, when the last of the dark clouds is floating away, and the sun is shining behind one of those dark clouds, you can often see a shiny or silver halo around the dark cloud. So, that’s where the expression comes from. Things may look dark now, but something good or nice will eventually come along. It usually does.As for the rest of your essay, you could quote some meteorological source to give your writing a factual basis. This would prove that dark clouds do often have a silver lining.After that, try to find examples of well-known people who have attempted something, then been knocked back, but have come right back and tried again and succeeded.Quote one or two lines from books that refer to your subject and analyse them. Say if you think that the quotes are accurate. There are some popular songs on the subject. Maybe you could use them in your essay. “Look for the silver lining, whene’er a cloud appears in the blue” is one. “Always look on the bright side” is another (I think that one comes from “Spamalot”). Best of luck.