What happens in city of ashes by cassandra clare?

ok i have to do a essay thing on city of glass for a contest at my local library but i have only read city of bones and i don't want to read city of glass with out reading city of ashes. however i cannot find city of ashes any were. so will someone tell me what happens in city of ashes. i do plan on reading it i just don't have time right now. thanks

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2 Answers to “What happens in city of ashes by cassandra clare?”

  1. cmcginn says:

    So much happens that I want to give it to you in the best explanation possible but it would be too long. So I have a link with EVERYTHING that happens on it. [external link] …Trust me that explains pretty much everything that happens. Some of the characters may be unfamiliar.

  2. pinfeathers says:

    simon becomeas a vampire and like at the end clary says she and him ahoudnt be like bf gf or whatever. they all: magnus clary simon luke jace etc fight valentine and its on a ship.us clary used a really strong open rune on the ship and it like sunk.