Words of encouragement to write an essay? :)?

I'm a decent college student -- I get A's and B's and the occasional C -- and I'm struggling to find the motivation to write an essay. (Another banal cliché, I know.) This essay was due online yesterday at noon; I'm going to complete it tonight and submit it before noon tomorrow for late credit with a 33% deduction penalty to its grade. This is gonna be that occasional screw-up :/So, basically, I dropped the ball on this one. It isn't the end of the world, as good grades on forthcoming essays will suffice for the imminent damage caused by this one, but I could use some words of encouragement to get me through the night. Thanks :)

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4 Answers to “Words of encouragement to write an essay? :)?”

  1. virtueproof says:

    I love you 0_0

  2. tetrode says:

    Sometimes it’s hard to get started on a writing assignment. It’s often easiest to start in the middle. That is, start by jotting down what ideas you want to include in the body paragraphs. Expand the ones you know the most about, that are easiest to write. Then, when you’re finished, go back and write the opening.

  3. decelle says:

    By now you are responsible for your own education. Kindergartner students need stamps on every attempt they make. Adults have to crystallise their own aims which is where you are at. By this stage, you should be satisfied with what you pass up as being the best you can do under the circumstances.When this is the case, external judgement will be superficial ….and since ,as you already show, you will not be surprised that the marker agrees with you, that you have indeed, stuffed it up this time.However, you are also wise enough to know, you will do better next time. Lesson well learned.

  4. bognaes says:

    Hey, a 60% is waaay better for your average than a 0%. Definitely glad you’re still completing it.