Essay help…Different types/groups of facebook users?

I'm doing a classification essay and am doing it on different types of facebook users. So far I have: -the stalker-Mr/Ms. Popularity-the gamer (ex. Farmville)-The concerned parent (parent that has facebook to keep on eye on kids)-the obsessed (people who spend the whole day on FB)Any other type/groups you think are necessary to include? Any that you wouldn't? Thanks for your input!

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  1. motomagnetic says:

    The Thinker- leaves comments to make you think.The Ho-Hum User- checks their profile once every few days, to check up on the goings on, leave a boring comment.The Psycho- Tells you everything they are doing to the point you need to block them!The Stirrer- Trys to start arguments, spread gossip, etc.

  2. griggles says:

    These are some pretty good groups. I never really thought about it. How about those obsessed with their pix? (or posers)