Family problems! HELP?!?

i dont wanna be writing an essay about my life so il try keep it short as possible. I have one full brother and one half brother and sister. Same mum and different dad. My half siblings are way older there is a massive gap. Im 18. My father died when i was 13 and it was very hard for me even til this day and its been almost 6 years. Mum pretty much left when he died for the first two years so i was basically on my own but shes back now and has a bf who is a really great guy. I had my full brother but he was 18 at the time so we didnt really get along. But now we get along great his my best mate. I dont see my other siblings much and dont get along with them. Almost a year ago my sisters bf of 13 years tried to feel me up downstairs when i was asleep and i kept it in for 6 months. I eventually told my full brother and he got agro and told me to tell mum and she can deal with it. My sister found out and now wants nothin to do with me. Its hurtful but i have to deal with it. Im angry and dont know what to do. I also dont want anything to do with my half brother because he still hasnt tried contacting me even though he knows whats happened. Its kinda complicated cause me and my full brother are godparents to his kid. Anyway i told my full brother that i dont want anything to do with my half brother and he told me to grow up. and were fighting at the moment. I really feel like **** when i fight with my full brother because he is all i have. What should i do? Have something to do with my half brother and play happy family or dont but disappoint my full brother. Im so upset and dont know what to do. It makes me so upset that my full brother still contacts them. But he is the godfather of my sisters kid. Am i being selfish by being upset about it? Please no negative comments

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  1. tragical says:

    No negative comments, You have to try be positive to start with.1. What are you gaining out of being upset?2. What are you gaining out of fighting with yr brother?3. What will you do to make your life better, on your own?Nobody can make you sad and upset if you don’t let them. Make a happy area for yourself contain things that make you feel good.Whenever you feel upset go to your area and try think of happy things.Keep away from things that make you sad and try be positive.