ok, im doing this 6 paragraph essay and i need help! its due on 12/3/08, so really soon and im not done! i need all the answers i can get, so please leave a comment! what is the MAIN theme?!?!?!?! i need the big idea/ideas and discuss them in a well thought out paragraph! and the paragraph has to be 6 sentences or longer so make sure its a theme i can talk about, thats why i want the main theme! THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP!PLEASE I NEED ALOT OF OPPINIONS SO I CAN CHOOSE THE BEST! AND THE BEST THEME/THE THEME I LIKE BEST WILL BE CHOSEN FOR BEST ANSWER! : ]! <3

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  1. scalesman says:

    Alright, normally i would help, but prisoner of azkaban is freaking ONLY 300-375 (ish?) PAGES LONG. It’s NOT a long novel. In the time you’re begging us, you could already be half way done with it. Also, you should do ur own hw, especially an easy A like this assignment.

  2. nutgrasses says:

    The theme like all the HP books, is the struggle of good vs. evil. Sirius Black has been in Azkaban prison for 12 years for killing Peter Petigrew but he didn’t kill him and was falsely accused (and sentenced). Black is also able to change himself into a big black dog and with the name “Black” he’s painted initially as a bad guy out to get Harry. Turns out he’s Harry’s god father and is a good guy. Harry also gets a teacher, Lupin, who cares about him and goes the extra way to try to comfort Harry, give him some sense that not everyone is against him, and Lupin is Harry’s first real contact to his dead parents since Lupin (and Black) were Harry’s father’s best friends. Lupin is a werewolf (against his will) so he is discriminated against. Peter Petigrew was also one of Harry’s father’s friends but ultlimately was lured to the dark side (Voldemort’s evil side) and helped to kill Harry’s parents. Petigrew can change himself into a rat. So you have all these guys who traditionally should be bad guys (werewolf and big black dog escaped from prison) turn out to be good guys who help Harry; and you have bad guys who are truly bad guys trying to lure Harry to Voldemort (to kill Harry). It’s the pull of good and bad.. and luckily good overcomes the bad, Harry finds some adults who love him, establishes his connection with Ron and Hermione because love and friendship make for a stronger power. Harry rescues Black (who has been recaptured and is going to have his soul sucked out of him) and learns that he has power when someone he loves needs his help.

  3. naevoid says:

    Ooh, you should finish the series after you turn your essay in! You won’t regret it!Themes:-Don’t judge a book by its cover.-Keep your friends close.-Don’t disappoint the people you love.

  4. jpitera says:

    I would say the main theme would be imprisonment. Obviously, Sirius is/was a prisoner of Azkaban, but then Harry feels like a prisoner throughout because everyone is trying to protect him from Sirius and his past, so he feels like a prisoner in his own life. Hermione is a prisoner to her overwhelming schoolwork, Peter Pettigrew is a prisoner in the rat body of Scabbers, etc. Just look through the books for more examples of people being imprisoned (either literally or figuratively) and find quotes to back it all up. Good luck!