Help choosing 3 events that made up Liberalism?

Which of the following should I use for my essay..... I need 3 main events that made up Liberalism AND WHY (details, facts, etc):Magna Carta (1215)Renaissance (14-16th C)Reformation (1517-1648)Haudenosanee Confederacy (15-16th C)American Revolution (1776)French Revolution (1789)Industrial Revolution (18-19th C)The Enlightenment (18th C)Thanks in advance !

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  1. foxfire says:

    The American and French revolutions as they are self explanatory. French on the basis of total freedom, and the American on the same sort of grounds but it was more about not paying high taxes and lack of government intervention. Those two revolutions encompass the major points of liberalism. For a third I would simply pick John Locke, the father of classical liberalism, and simply say when he wrote Two treatises of government because that is his major work that encompasses most of his ideas