I need help writing about the Shirtwaist fire on March 11, 1911?

im writing an essay about the Shirtwaist fire. and i need an attention grabber and a way to write my main argument. Im taking the side saying that the owners should be held responsible for the fire due to the lack of fire escapes and unsafe working conditions. please help.

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  1. Sepioidea says:

    I suggest using the following chronology as a resource for your essay. Also, I believe one area of focus must be Jacob Riis, U.S. journalist and social reformer. He publicized the deplorable living conditions in the slums of New York’s Lower East Side, photographing the rooms and hallways of tenements. He compiled his findings in How the Other Half Lives (1890), a book that stirred the nation’s conscience and spurred the state’s first significant legislation to improve tenements. His perspective on the poor, unsanitary conditions the poor endured is also reflected in the attitudes of their employers towards them. Also, what nationality were the women? Mostly were Jewish immigrants of eastern European ancestry which at the time were considered to be “undesirable” by many employers. Was it the greed of the owners or the undesirability of the workers that led to such callous disregard for human life? Was this reflected in the decision that the owners were found NOT GUILTY? If you have more questions feel free to email me, LindaThe Triangle Shirtwaist Fire Trial: A ChronologyJuly 13, 1900 Plans for a new building for Joseph Asch at Greene Street and Washington Place in New York City are approved.January 15, 1901 Construction of the Asch building is completed.1906 The Triangle Shirtwaist Company opens a factory on the eighth floor of the Asch building.June 1909 A fire prevention expert writes a letter to Triangle Shirtwaist management suggesting that they hold a meeting to discuss improved safety measures, but the letter is ignored.September 1909 Local 25 of the ILGWU declares a strike against the Triangle Shirtwaist Company. By November, the strike spreads to other shirtwaist manufacturers. The strike ends after thirteen weeks that saw over 700 striking workers arrested.October 15, 1910 The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory passes a routine fire inspection.November 25, 1910 A factory fire in Newark kills 25 workers, setting off renewed calls for improved fire prevention efforts.January 15, 1911 The last time an accumulation (over a ton’s worth) of cutaways is picked up from the Triangle Shirtwaist factory by a dealer. (The heavy accumulation of cutaways will help fuel the fire two months later.)March 16, 1911 A report on fire traps is published. The report argues that many New York City building lack “even the most indispensable precautions necessary.”March 25, 1911 (4:40) Shortly before quitting time of 4:45, a fire breaks out on the eighth floor of the Asch building, housing the Triangle Shirtwaist factory. The fire will claim 146 victims, mostly young women.March 25, 1911 (4:46) NYFD Company 72 arrives at the Asch building. The fire is spreading towards the ninth and tenth floors, also the workplace for Triangle Shirtwaist Company employees. Employees on the eighth floor head down, those on the tenth head to the roof, many on the ninth floor have nowhere to go.March 25, 1911 (4:57) The last of dozens of bodies falls to the sidewalk from the ninth floor ledge.March 25, 1911 (5:05) The fire is effectively brought under control.March 25, 1911 (5:15) The fire is described as practically “all over.”March 25, 1911 (6:20) Fire fighters make their way to the badly burned top three floors of the Asch building, finding dozens of badly burned bodies as they do so.March 25, 1911 (6:45) Throngs of grieving people push through police lines and move toward the Asch building.March 25, 1911 (8:00) By now, 60 bodies have been lowered from the upper floors. The Death wagon returns to the Asch building for its second load.March 25, 1911 (8:15) A Triangle Shirtwaist worker stuck in water in the bottom of an elevator shaft is rescued by fire fighters.March 25, 1911 (9:05) A row of lights strung around the outside of the Asch building is turned on.March 25, 1911 (11:15) The last body is taken down from the upper floors.March 26, 1911 More than 100,000 grieving relatives and curious members of the public stream through a temporary morgue on the Twenty-sixth street pier, identifying loved ones or just looking. I have tried to include as much as I can of the chronology but am unable to do so, please check the web site: [external link] … the rest.gatitaDegree in History and Spanish, New Mexico State U. 1990