This is my argumentative essay for why animals shouldnt be used for entertainment?

Argumentative Essay1. To write an argumentative essay I need:A contention, i.e. something to argueE.G. - woman should be allowed to umpire football matches.2. Introduction- strongly state my point of view3. Three strong arguments to support the contention4. A rebuttal- attack a strong argument from the opposing side5. Conclusion-strongly sum up the argument• Humans should not eat animals• Animals should not be used to entertain humans• Animals and animal products should not be used as human accessoriesContention is a point of view400 wordsThree arguments:• Now days there are many things other than animals to entertain humans such as computers, phones, games and so on. So why do we need animals?• When animals are used in circus’ they have to travel in some sort of truck where they will be kept in a cage. The circus might be poor or unpopular. So the poorer the less the animals will be fed and the less they’re paid attention to.• For some entertainment animals are killed, this is wrong. We need more wild life not less. Animals should not be used to entertain humansFor thousands of years, animals have been used to entertain humans in sporting events, rodeos, hunting and in circuses. They have been hurt and many have even died. Now days with our new technology there are many other things than animals to entertain us humans such as, computers phones, games and so on. Animals should not be treated like this it is wrong and really not at all necessary! To take part in these rodeos, sporting events and circuses, animals have to be taken away from their families and their natural habitats, put inside dark trucks and put inside cages. We then take them to the circus or the rodeo to fight and many often do not care if the animal dies, It is just for their satisfaction. We need to stop this and save our wildlife, not destroy it. Research shows that animals perform not because they want to but because they are afraid not to.ANYTHING ELSE I CAN ADD TO IT ?

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4 Answers to “This is my argumentative essay for why animals shouldnt be used for entertainment?”

  1. offense says:

    When animals are taken from the wild they tend to turn into ticing time bombs. Its only a matter of time before they turn on their trainers. An example would be the orca accident at seaworld earlier this year.

  2. elizade says:

    Most circus animals are captured form the wild, I had the misfortune to see a wild caught lion in a zoo. I also had the pleasure to see one in the wild, they are two different animals. The captive one has lost that luster in its eye, its almost like their spirit has died.They are kept in inadequate spaces, wild animals have ranges that stretch for miles on end. They need space to run and act out there instincts. That is why zoo’s (The good ones) have enrichment to keep their minds active. In a circus they are kept in small enclosures and only taken out to perform. With wild animals just like pets when they are restricted in space, exercise and stimulation they get frustrated. This leads to physiological problems, such as pacing in cages and gnawing at bars. This can also lead to violent attacks on the trainer and/or the audience. These problems run so deep that when actually rescued and placed in a large enclosure of good size they still pace around in the size of their old cage. There was a documentary about lions that where rescued, the one lioness in the hight of the heat would not move to shade because of this and was sedated to move her under a tree cause she still believed that there where bars. Many people say that the tricks they do are part of there natural behavior and that is why they pick up on it so easily but in truth jumping through a ring of fire is as far from natural as it gets.

  3. amixadm says:

    Zoos and sea world don’t just take animals from the wild and then be like O I am going to train this animal to entertain me! They only take animals from the wild if they are hurt or kicked out of any pride or parents died! Half the animals are born into the zoos etc and some of them r returned to the wild. And those animals you see in Rodeos etc are well taken care of they are a big part in there show so they are feed,bathed,talked to,when you ride a horse you have to break them first and it is called a rodeo it shows you what they do! Now I don’t believe in circus animals because they hit then and can cause pain . Now dog, horse, bull fights are dumb and for everyone who fights any animals should be sent to prison for life!Here are some videos the first one is just cruel to the animals, the second one is not cruel because it is like there habitat and they love it [external link] … [external link] …

  4. shopwork says:

    1. You have presented absolutely no argument from the other side to rebut.2. Your arguments are very weak and not supported by any actual fact, only feeling. What the heck research did you find showing animals perform out of fear? Nothing reliable- an animal’s motivation can’t be determined. Most entertainment animals perform for a reward.3. Animals are NOT fought at either the circus or the rodeo, or any other legal venue. Wildlife of any kind are not used in rodeos- only domestic animals. Most circus animals are born in captivity and many are domesticated species.