Need help starting essay on Controlled Substance Act?

Substance Abuse act. This paper is due tommarow and i was wondering if any one could help me start it off with a paragraph to get me started on this. i just need a good opening paragraph then i will be able to go from there. I cannot seem to start this paper.

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One Answer to “Need help starting essay on Controlled Substance Act?”

  1. negundo says:

    You’re doing the essay all wrong. How can you introduce the essay when it hasn’t been written yet?First, write the body of the essay. Determine what the outline will be (what topics will be covered), and any supporting statements you want to add.Once the body of the essay is done, you can write the conclusion. Basically you can either summarize your essay, or end with a thought that you want the reader to be left with.Lastly, now that you know what has been written, you can write an introduction to it.Don’t dwell on the introduction; that’s what causes everyone to take a long time in starting an essay. You know what it should be about, so write it first (the body). As you write the body, you might get an idea of what you want the introduction to be.