Should Karla Homolka be allowed to study in prison?

Hi guys, I have to write and essay on whether Karla Homolka should be allowed to study in prison or not. I need three points on why she should be allowed and three points on why she should not be allowed.So far for why she should be allowed i have: if she has the prerequisites from the high school, she has the right to study; it will be a form of rehabilitation for her; she will not pose danger to anyone while studying through distance educationSo far, for why she should not be allowed, I have: prison is supposed be a form of punishment and not an education center

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2 Answers to “Should Karla Homolka be allowed to study in prison?”

  1. representationary says:

    You are a little behind, she has been out of prison for at least two years so it is a moot point, the last word I heard she has moved from Canada.

  2. erythronium says:

    She helped her boyfriend rape and kill her own sister plus numerous other offences.Now she is out of prison?She should have been hanged.Certain liberals wont like that idea. Perhaps she should be housed with those liberals?PS most teachers are quite liberal so if you put down anything about punishment in your essay I expect you will get low marksPoints for reforming her character, making her employable her human right to an education All crap btwAgainst why should the tax payer educate her when some innocent people cant afford decent educationIt seems like a reward for her crime.Why educate her when only a lunatic or a government body would employ a rapist/murderer.How will her victims feel?