What effect does a komodo dragon have on the environment?

For school i have to write a 300 word essay on the komodo dragon. I have to write about the environment and what would change if the komodo dragon was extinct. for this i need to find out what effect the komodo dragon had on the environment and if it was to be extinct how it would affect the environment. For example the southern cassowary effected the environment becasue it ate seeds from trees and released them running around which spread the seeds for them to grow. when this animal become extinct, the seed wont be spread anymore making the trees not grow in that area.

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2 Answers to “What effect does a komodo dragon have on the environment?”

  1. cbucket says:

    The Komodo dragon hunts deer. If they become extinct, the deer population will increase. They play the role of many mammalian predators, such as leopards, tigers and wolves. The volcanic islands they inhabit lack mammalian predators. Predators tend to keep herbivore populations in check, and at the same time eliminating the sick and the weak. Without predators, herbivore populations, especially on islands, can grow uncontrollably and that could cause the vegetation to be over browsed and over grazed, which in turn can cause a crash in the herbivore population.

  2. carbethoxyl says:

    You need to know that the Komodo is the apex predator in its environment. Now, what effect does removing the apex predator have on the environment (what does the Komodo eat)? Now, go finish your homework ;)