I am currently a male junior in high school in Colorado. I know that USC (southern california) is a private school and it does not matter what state you are applying from, however it still seems that they do give somewhat of an edge to california students.USC has been my number 1 choice for many years now. I was just wondering if i have a good chance of getting into USC when i apply next year. Here are my stats...GPA (after junior year)weighted- 3.97unweighted- 3.7~I am in the top 11% of my high schoolextracurriculars ~Lettered in Debate and Debate 3 years (will a 4th time)~I have received an academic letter 2 years in a row~I have ran Cross Country for every year in high school and have lettered in it.~I am a member of NHS for my 2nd year~I am involved in Creek Connects (helping 8th grades transition from middle school to high school)~I am a student shadow ~I am in Amnesty International for my 1st year~I am Hoping to be a peer ambassador next year~I volunteer at my church and at Children's Hospital this year**~i have volunteered for the special olympics (helping mentally disabled childern swim)****I am putting in about 6 hours of volunteering a week ~I am also going to do Summer program at USC where you go and take classes and live in the dorms for a month.I have just met the USC recruiter and have been keeping in touch with him, i will also have an interview during spring break at USC This year i am taking 3 APs (AP language, AP US Government, and AP Human Geography) Next year i will take at least 4 APs (AP Literature, AP Art History, AP Biology, AP Euro).I am have studied for the ACT/SAT test (in a class) and am planning to take them, i am Hoping for around a 2050 on my SAT and around a 31 or 32 on my ACT.I know i will have a very good essay and very good letters of recommendationTHe Last couple of years USC has become very competitive, I REALLY want to go to USC... What are my chances?!?!?!? Please be brutally honestI am also interested in doing pre dental at USC if that helpsThanks!

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2 Answers to “CAN I GET INTO USC?!?!?!?”

  1. kingfisher says:

    You’re in!

  2. dissuitable says:

    i am also applying to college and I looked at USC but my parents say it’s too far away (i live in CT) but all that volunteer, helping others stuff will definatly get you in if you grades dont. Why wouldnt the accept you?