Hamlet? Revenge?

I am doing an essay at school about Hamlet. I am suposed to write about how there is revenge in Hamlet and how it was probaly not the thing to do. I know about hamlets revenge, laertes' revenge, and fortinbras' revenge. I know the story the players tell to Hamlet about Pyrrhus and priam is about about revenge, but how is it about revenge. What was Pyrrhus getting revenge about. Please help.

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  1. uncatechised says:

    There is a phrase, pyrrhic victory, which comes from the battle Pyrrhus waged. It means that although he won, the price of victory was too great. Although vengeance on the part of Hamlet for the murder of his father was justifiable in those days, the price for that “victory” was too great because all those he loved perished as a result of his inability to act decisively and quickly….Hope this helps some.